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Nouveautés Metal

Curated by Experts Amazon Music

Toutes les meilleures sorties Metal sont réunies sur cette playlist.


1Death by a Thousand Cuts (Feat. Lucas Woodland)2HIGHER POWER3The Flood (ǝɔᴉʇsnɾ)4Wilderness5Paralyzed6Laid to Rest (HEALTH Remix)7My Own Salvation8THE FIRST TEST9Hands of Sin10N.F.A11From Gold To Stones12La machette13Social Sickness14Do Angels Sing Like Rain?15La Puissance du Pouvoir16Walking On Sunshine (From The “American Psycho” Comic Series Soundtrack)17BLUR18Better Written Villain19MANIAC IN THE MIRROR20Fire21Kid Of Darkness22My Old Me23Ride the Sky24Stuck In My Head25Blood On The Walls26Gamma Knife27Filth28STUCK (feat. Sinizter)29Ronald30Villain Arc31liMOusIne32Améthyste33Stillpoint34Give Me The Painkiller35FLY AWAY36Curse37Get Out38Sacrifice39Let You Go40Underrated41Minotaur42Darkenguard43Freedom44Perfume Of The Timeless45The End Justifies46ANGEL SONG (feat. David Draiman)47Sinners of the Seven Seas48Suffocate (feat. Poppy)49RATATATA50A.F. Day51The Algorithm (From The “American Psycho” Comic Series Soundtrack)52Funeral Verse53God Speed54Heavener55Over the Garden Wall56crying57Shroud58One Foot In The Grave (feat. Aaron Pauley of Of Mice & Men)59Light Years60Our Brand Is Chaos61Low Tech62RAINBOWS63Creature64Spiral (Justice)65Under The Skin66Haunter67Ad Infernum68Lubricant Like Kerosene69God Under Fingernails70Unreasonable Doubt71PALEHELL72Ready for War73HOUSE ON SAND (feat. Eric V. of I Prevail)74Epitaph75V.A.N76Near Heaven77Incinerator78World of Fools79The Mirror80Backstabbed81Her Dominion82nights83Empire84Ritual85Good Morning86LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND87Make No Mistake88To The Grave89Esclave Heureux90Scars91The Flowering92Become One93Parasite94Le Poignard95Invincible Shield96Stars Of Burning Lands97On revient sur terre98Sheltered Within99Crashboys100Centaure