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Stay Indie

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L'actu indie, sous toutes ses formes


1Sexy to Someone2Claw Foot3Too Much Of A Good Thing4Robbed5If You're Not In Love6A Warning7Hold Me Up (Thank You)8Boom Boom Back9Sinner10Take A Bite11boys, bugs and men12Hang On13i like the way you kiss me14Prep-School Gangsters15All Your Life16Neverender17Deeply Still In Love18I'm Back19Toro20Confusion Song21Every Little Thing I Say I Do22Like I Say (I runaway)23I Write The News24Dig [feat. Rhian Teasdale]25Keep It Up26Light On27Call Me Up28Everyone Out29Airplane30Raincoats31Are You Looking Up32Mahal33Again34Genius of Love35Love from the Other Side36Moments Die37My Fun38Creatures in Heaven39Bored40Knife Edge41Take Me to the River42Starburster43Docket (feat. Bully)44GOLDEN DAYS45Big Time Nothing46Mexico47Shotput48Dark Vacay49Changes50Cartwheels51Make Ya Proud52DOING IT AGAIN BABY53The Kill54Changing Faces55run!56Heaven57Crimes of the Heart58April59Run Your Mouth60Dark61End of Beginning62Empty And Silent (feat. King Krule)63Common Blue64Free Treasure65Hell N Back66Underdressed at the Symphony67Burn The Hard Drive (feat. Mura Masa)68201669Running70Highway Queen71My House Is Not A Home72Homesick73LABOUR (the cacophony)74Back On 7475anything76When the Laughter Stops [feat. Katy J Pearson]77Dancing In Babylon (feat. Christine and the Queens)78My Love Mine All Mine79Spring Is Coming With A Strawberry In The Mouth80Jesse81The Dream of Delphi82Caesar on a TV Screen83Prima84The Thief85Under Your Wings86Not Strong Enough87Football88Purple Moon89Cigarettes & Wine90Vampire Empire