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Fire Drill

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The hottest drill tracks from BK, Philly, & across the world. Featuring: 2rare


12Humpy is Back2BEAST OUT THE CAGE3Free Wick4Kick It5SHAKIN IT (feat. Cash Cobain)6SWEET ★ HONEY ★ BUCKIIN'7Freaky8Pressure9Absurd10Trenches11ETA (feat. Luciano)12DARC ROOM13Crazy Story14Lifers15Ghetto Girls16Next Up Australia - S1-E1017Sexiest Soul18FOOLERY19Drill Cappers203AM In The Doghouse21Just A Letter Pt. 222FREE G23Becky24Wild Story (PT 2)25Cupid's Guidance26Entrapreneur27EVERYTHING DEAD (CHOPNOTSLOP REMIX)28DIZZY DEVIL29Heartless30I Like It31Obama32Fancy (feat. Chow Lee)33Too Fun34Diamondz n Roses35Tooteres36Nice & Slow37Stomp Stomp [feat. TaTa & Dee Billz]38Socials39Time40Fisherrr41Exhausted42Dunk Contest43TEACH ME HOW TO DRILL44Glory 2 Glory45BADMAN46Don't Get Me Started47Killa48Cash My Hobby49NOT AVAILABLE50Back Out51It's Just Us52Bulletproof53Canarsie54On Lock55Indictment56I AM NOT HUMAN57Recognition58Why Would I?59Ghetto & Ratchet (Remy Ma Remix)60No Drama61GBG62Upnow63A N X I E T Y64Diamondz n Roses65Get Deady66For You67WE SEE YOU68Rockstar69Damaged70XPLOSIVE71Bitches & Bottles72BING BONG (Remix) [feat. Sexyy Red]73In The Trunk (feat. GloRilla)74MY SET PT. III752 Man76Bent (Remix)77Blick (Remix)78Face Down79Point Me 2 (with Cardi B)80Rump (feat. Chow Lee)81Rapping & Drilling82Just Wanna Rock83Toot Dat84No Love85Die Young86Don't Start Pt. 287Energy (Latto Remix)88Cha Cha Cha89Lady Gaga90Love and War91Everybody [feat. Lil Uzi Vert]92Deli93More Money More Problems94K Toven95KEEP WISHING (feat. 2Rare)96Sprinter97Big Dawg98Barbie World (with Aqua) [From Barbie The Album]99Do It Again (feat. Summer Cem)100Back Out (feat. Mello Buckzz)