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Guided Meditation

Créé par Amazon's Music Experts

Use these spoken word tracks to help your meditation practice.


1The Journey of Awakening2Sutras One3One of My Favorite Prayers4Guided Meditation Positive Morning Energy5Horseshoe Breath Meditation6Homecoming (Spoken Word with Elena Brower)7Guided Meditation Body Scan8Centering Breath9To The Magic Garden10Guided Meditation: Affirmation of Self Love11Sacral Chakra12Sutras Two13Best Morning Ritual Guided Meditation for a Positive & Productive Day14Guided Meditation For Focus15Being Present16Surrender Guided Meditation17Sitting Meditation18Guided Meditation For Gratitude19Don't Leave (Spoken Word with Elena Brower)20Progressive Relaxation21Guided Meditation for Releasing Anxiety & Overwhelm22Solar Plexus Chakra23Energy (Spoken Word with Elena Brower)24Breathing Meditation25Deep Guided Healing Transcendental Meditation26Guided Meditation for Inner Peace 10 Minutes27Abundance (feat. Thaddeus)28Flow of Love (emotional healing meditation)29Third Eye Chakra30Brief Visualization31Night Light (Spoken Word with Elena Brower)32Creating Gratitude33Crown Chakra34Connecting with Difficult Emotions35Relax At the Beach Meditation36Love Meditation37Fill What Is Empty; Empty What Is Full (gratitude & abundance meditation)38Fan Your Flames39Accepting Yourself (feat. Tara Brach)40Resting In the Natural State41Heal Yourself, Heal the World Meditation42Guided Meditation (Healing Voice for Relaxation Against Anxiety)43Guided Meditation: Deep Relaxation44Saint Germain Guided Meditation with Attunement45Stop Panic Now (feat. Liquid Mind®)