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Curated by Amazon's music experts and updated weekly.

Beyond pop. Cover: Sophie Powers


1Overflow (feat. Ezekiel)23603Only Love4OMG5How Could U6Electrische7SunLite8SUNBURN9Wedding10Boys11North Side12AL13N13fucking highschool people14afterparty15Runaway16Nemesis17Illusion18Coke and Mentos19Colorado20FERRARI21GET OFF MY JOGWHEEL22Hand on my heart23Like I Need U24Next to Me (with Jarina De Marco)25flip phone26Lick It Like A Kitten27Beautiful28Crazy Cheap29two bad30Knock Yourself Out XD31say it again32I LUV IT33Awesome (feat. Baby Tate)34Heartache35PINK LIKE SUKI36WASSUP37Obsessed38Lesbians <339SNOOZE40Upgrade (CROOK's System Update)41tráfico42200943I Like44b Alright!45Freeze46Guess47about you48Woah!! (feat. kets4eki)49stan u 4ever50One More Night51Star Runner  (feat. Pikes)52touch53Stuck54One & Only55Talk To Me56And who can say where the road goes57Down the Drain58Silence Through These Walls59The von dutch remix with addison rae and a.g. cook60Wordz61Wasting Time (til the end of the world)62Club classics63Silver Thread Golden Needle64souleater65Daddy Vaquero66World's Hardest Game67Sympathy is a knife68die for you69Back In My Head70Semester In Japan71riddle72Faster n Harder73even when the sun is dead, will you tell them how hard i tried74Quero Mais751x1 (SONIKKU Remix)76Nothing Lasts Forever (with Grimes)77B2b78Atrophies79No Service80Pose1don81shake82How Will I Know83Diamondz n Roses844eva85Fall Apart86Quiero Ser Sexy87the REAL88Rock Your Body89VICIO90Automatic91Cry For You92The Stylist93I Could Be94GLW200095Mood96Parking Lot97The Things I Do For Love98Debaucherous feat. Partiboi6999Toryanse100where's my head at _101Axila1022 Hours Ago103Bliss104Black Butterfly105roll it down106Cyberia107In My Head108man down109Funny Bunny110f0rbiidden l0ve$tory111We Are The Risers112ACHOO!113Besos En El Club114forget you115Yxguden116thicc117Faceshopping118Lost Everything119SHYPOP