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Sea Shanties

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Anchors away - rouse your crew with these salty sing-a-longs.


1Leave Her Johnny2Hell's Comin' with Me3Girl With The Leek4Ring Down Below5Raging Sea6The Tempest7Spanish Ladies8South Australia (From "Keep Hauling" Soundtrack)9Mingulay Boat Song10Wellerman (Sea Shanty)11Santiana12Keep Hauling (From "Keep Hauling" Soundtrack)13Row Me Bully Boys14The Dublin Pub Crawl15We Shall Sail Together (Original Game Soundtrack)16Dead Horse Shanty17Lover's Wreck18Haul Away, Joe19Captain Crow (from "The Sea Beast" Soundtrack)20Good Morning Ladies All2110,000 Miles Away22Roll the Old Chariot23The Last Shanty24Blow the Man Down25The Coast of High Barbary26A Drop of Nelson's Blood27One More Day28Cap'n Stormio29Roll Down30The Jolly Roving Tar31Randy Dandy Oh32Blood Red Roses33Shore Whalers34Heave Away35Siren's Song36Bones in the Ocean37Fiddler's Green38Trooper and the Maid39Donkey Riding40Eliza Lee41Clear away the track42Pay Me My Money Down43Drunken Sailor44Fish in the Sea45Maid on the Shore (feat. John Peekstok)46Philomena D47Rolling Down To Old Maui48Barrett's Privateers49The Scotsman50Blow the Man Down (Traditional) [feat. David Coffin]51Sally Brown52Billy O'Shea53Cape Cod Girls54The Mariner's Revenge Song55Roll the Woodpile Down56Strike The Bell57Strike The Bell58Roll the Old Chariot Along59Don't Forget Your Old Shipmate