Créé par Amazon's Music Experts


Créé par Amazon's Music Experts

Hard dance and hardcore bangers at 150BPM and above.


1The Power2Leave It All3Stars Don't Shine4Dance Tonight5Rabbit Hole6Midnight7THE COPS8Danger Machine9Trip To Mars (Astronauts)10This Is Our Story11Never Let Me Go12Live The Moment13Quit14Need You15kunterbunt16Mosh Pit17Bodytalk (STFU) [D-Stroyer Hard Mix]18Blinding Lights19Infinity20Silence (Brennan Heart Remix)21Incredible (feat. Insali)22POWER23Free To Fly24Galaxies25Painkiller26We Will Never Die27Without You28There For You29Shank (MUST DIE! Remix)30Falling Apart31CHAOS EUPHORIA32Another Level33Bassman34Elevate35The Unknown36Thunder37Fight As One38Forever In Your Arms39Early In The Morning (LNY TNZ Remix)40The Beat41Children Of The Stars42Erase Me43TekNO44Better Now (Tatsunoshin Remix)45Pressure (feat. Flowdan)469AM (Till I Leave)47SORROW TECH (Good Times Ahead Remix)48Bust It49Reverse The Bass50Talk About Us51Behind52Million Dreams53Gates Of Paradise54Sacrificio55Rave Is Our Religion56Walk Away57Spaceman (Dr Phunk Remix)58Cool Life Be Myself59Sinners Paradise60Ragga Rave61Hey Motherfucker62Do You Remember63DNA64Afterlife65On My Mind66DISTORTION67We Love Hardcore68Run It Up69Takin' Off (DJ Isaac Remix)70Rave Now71YEET 2.072Pum Pum (Da Tweekaz Remix)73Que Quieres74ETR75A Little Bit of Faith (le Shuuk Remix)76Monster (feat. Tara Louise)77BloodRave78Push Bass79Skydance80In My Body81So Easy82Buck Up83All My Life84Partystarter85Family86THOR87Ready To Rage (feat. Ghost)88Northern Lights89Noiz90Here Without You91IU (feat. Corbin)92Superheroes93RUN WHEN YOU SEE ME94Burning With XTC (Use Caution Remix)95World96Fight On97My Blood (Dr Phunk Remix)98F.O.O.L. (Hard Mix)99Fly With You100King Of The Party (feat. Mr. Killa)101Numb, Undone (Rebekah Remix)102Whatever It Takes - (Exsequor)103You Dream Of Heaven104Close to You (feat. PollyAnna)105From The Depths106Touch Me107Bassgod108Take Kontrol109Boing Beat110If Ever (Technikore Remix)111The Feeling112The Alignment (Cinematic Version)113FCK 2020114Dark Side of the Moon115BIB116Paper Thin (Headhunterz Remix)117Project X118Born to Run119Ok Without You (Mazza Remix)