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Top tracks, remixes, collabs, and songwriting credits from the Australian duo.

32 titres • 2 heures et 5 minutes

1Hold On2Best Friend 3Gotta Be You4When Love Takes Over (feat. Kelly Rowland)5You're Gonna Love Again6Like Home (Original Mix)7Reason8Acrylic9Not Taking This No More (feat. Beverley Knight)10Goddess [feat. Raja Kumari] 11In My Head (feat. Nervo)12The Other Boys13Army (Radio Edit)14The Way We See The World (Tomorrowland Anthem Instrumental)15It Feels16In Your Arms17Rise Early Morning (Radio Edit)18Not Giving up on Love19Something To Believe In (feat. Cookie)20Forever Or Nothing21Revolution (Radio Mix)22Alone23Sunshine Thru Rain Clouds (feat. Duane Harden)24People Grinnin' (feat. The Child of Lov)25Bulletproof26Did We Forget27Haute Mess (Radio Edit) 28Dare Me29LOCO (feat. Reverie)30Emotional31Livin’ My Love32Time After Time (2013 NERVO Back in time remix)