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Healing Frequencies

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Find balance and relief with these healing solfeggio frequencies.


1Fearless 396 Hz2Open Heart 174Hz3528hz Oscillating Love Frequency4Spirit Sonata 432Hz5Letting Go6741 Hz Release Anger Frequency7417 Hz Cleanse8Cosmo 432 Hz9Gargantis 432 Hz10639 Hz - Astral Distance11Anahata12396 Hz Destroy Unconscious Blockages13Calm Dreams (432 Hz)14396 Hz Peace and Tranquility15852 Hertz - Third Eye Chakra16Soul Collector - 432Hz17741 Hz Cleanse Aura18Positive Direction 417 Hz19Very Gentle 528 Hz20Oscillate 74121Slow regathering 528hz22417 Hz Self-Confidence Frequency23My Experience (528 Hz)24852 Hz Inner Peace25963 Hz Open Third Eye26432hz Mindfullness in Vibration27Elation at 852 Hz28432 Hz Calma29Guiding Light (432 Hz)30fresh start 417 Hz31417 Hz Clear Your Emotional Blocks32Unblock Third Eye Chakra (852 Hz)33Root Chakra34Visions 741 Hz35396 Hz - Miracle Tone36852 Hz - Dreaming37396 Hz - Removing Fear38Dreaming in 432 Hz39Heal Heart Chakra (639 Hz)40Expressions 741 Hz41528 Hz Miracle42852 Hz Reflections43Bow Riding (639hz)4463945963 Hertz - Crown Chakra46396 Hz Overcome Guilt47static interference 639hz48396 Hz Balancing Root Chakra49741 Hz - Throat Chakra50Alignment 852 Hz51Floating (432hz) (single)52528 Hz Release Inner Conflict & Struggle53432 Hz Flying Drones54741 Hz Dissolve Toxins & Electromagnetic Radiations55inner strength 852 Hz56Unwinding57528 Hz Dna Repair58Healing Frequency 43259285 Hz Physical Wellness60Hara Focus - 432Hz61852 Hz Reset The Mind62396 Hz - Guilt & Fear Liberation63Underwater (528hz) (single)6452865Miracles 528 Hz66285 Hz Restoration Vibrations67639Hz Positivity68Throat Chakra Activation (741 Hz)69Rebalancing in 528 Hz70417 Hz - Love Frequencies71Terane - 432 Hz72Introduction to Zen (432 Hz)73174 Hz Healing Tone74639 Hz Relationship Harmonization75396 Hz Remove Fear76174 Hz Foundation77Awaken Intuition 852 Hz78963 Solfeggio79174 Hz Inner Peace Frequency80528 Hz Living Water81Sound Bath: Overcoming Guilt & Fear (396 Hz)82396 Hz Chill Out83528 Hertz - Solar Plexus Chakra84Fourthirtytwo Eastern Time85Tune In To 369 Hz86528 Hz - Chasing Waterfalls