Stop Raising Men Who Hate Women

Scott Stuart

In this series, host Scott Stuart tackles the growing epidemic of men's violence against women and asks the question: Why is this happening, and what can we do to make sure our sons are part of the solution? Scott sets out to learn, through deep research and from some of the most prominent voices in this field – what we can actually do to make sure our sons are not only not perpetrating violence against women, but also not part of the growing number of young men who seemingly hate & disrespect women. This is the first series in Scott Talks Parenting. read less
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Johnny Cole: De-Radicalising Sons from Internet Misogyny
Johnny Cole: De-Radicalising Sons from Internet Misogyny
In this episode, I speak with Johnny Cole - founder of "Hey Brother Co" - with a focus on how we can de-radicalise young men from misogynistic culture & internet influencers, as well as how we can repair the father wound and build deeper relationships with our sons. Hosted by Scott Stuart. You can connect with Johnny on TikTok and Instagram, and get involved with his men's work organization at or on Instagram If you'd like to support men and boys attending Johnny's men's groups and retreats so that he can continue to offer full scholarships and sliding scale pricing, you can do so via PayPal: Resources in this episode: The Man Cave - facilitating healthy masculinity programs for Australian boys and professional development opportunities for educators working with boys - AU - student programs, sports programs, and community events all centered around breaking stereotypes, fostering positive masculinity - Blokes Co. - men's retreats, school programs, corporate workshops and speaking events for healthy masculinity and "a better way to bloke" - Book recommendations: The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity and Love by bell hooksMan Enough by Justin BaldoniBoys will be Human by Justin BaldoniFor the Love of Men by Liz Plank To submit a question for the podcast, please email Scott at If you or somebody you know is experiencing domestic or sexual violence, please contact 1 800 RESPECT or Lifeline on 131114. Another resource is