JAMES REKA - Playing the Graffiti Rules

The Artist Word

26-01-2022 • 18 mins

James Reka a.k.a. RekaOne, is an Australian street artist. Coming from a creative family, he’s quickly attracted by graffiti that he discovers by taking the train each day to get to school. He explains the birth of his passion, especially driven by his taste for risk, and his evolution to the quest for a unique style.

The origins of the style he developed for over 15 years, relies particularly on its classical influences. Known for his Street art but coming from the graffiti world, he gives us his opinion on these two movements between which there can be friction.

Reka closes the interview by explaining the importance of experimenting in his art because, in his view, it is the only way to expand and evolve. It is also a message he gives to the young generation of artists among other advices.

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James Reka on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/rekaone/


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Produced and edited by Pierre de Montesquiou

Originally produced in 2016


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