K2: The Savage Mountain | Summit Fever | 1

Against The Odds

25-05-2021 • 38 mins

In the summer of 2008, mountaineers from eight different countries gather at the foot of the world’s second tallest mountain, K2. All of them have a single goal: reach the summit. But to do that they will need to undertake one most difficult, and dangerous, climbs on earth. Sunny mornings can suddenly transform into white out conditions. Avalanches drop from overhead without warning. The technical challenge is so great, one in four who attempt it won’t come down. But in early August, this doesn’t stop more than two dozen climbers from attempting the feat.

Through a series of unpredictable events, it will become one of the worst climbing disasters in modern times. It will also lead to extraordinary acts of bravery and an epic journey of the human will to survive.

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