Mercedes Escala - Season 1, Episode 7 - Talent is Everywhere!

Talent is Everywhere!

23-04-2024 • 23 mins

In this episode, Sylvie sits with Mercedes Escala, who is the Vice President of Talent and Learning at Genesys, a global company present in over 100 countries. Mercedes discusses Genesys’ talent strategy and its alignment with the company’s vision for customer and employee excellence. She highlights the importance of building a strong foundation, involving business leaders in the process, and keeping the strategy simple yet effective. Looking ahead, she emphasizes the goal of increasing internal mobility and creating a talent destination where employees feel valued and empowered to drive business outcomes. Talent is Everywhere is a podcast for people leaders and HR teams who are passionate about education in the workplace to develop all workers.  We explore ideas on how to keep talent and how to develop talent in order to create the virtuous circle that builds strong businesses.  We’ll interview leaders to hear their experiences of how they invested in people.