#15 Data Tsunami with Gerry Mc Govern and Katie Singer

Green IO

21-03-2023 • 1 hr

Did you know that 81% of a laptop's lifetime energy use will be consumed before its end-user turns it on for the first time ? 🤯 Gaël Duez travels to New Mexico, USA and Dublin to meet Katie Singer - acclaimed author of “A silent electronic spring", who has published many articles and a book about technology's impacts on nature and human health - and Gerry Mc Govern - well-known author of “World Wide Waste” - for an episode about the dark truth of the data tsunami and its catastrophic environmental effects. 🌍 Join us for a mind-blowing episode where we explore the dire need for sustainable data practices, and how we can take action to build a better future for our planet. Together, we discussed : ✅ The high energy consumption involved in the production, consumption, and disposal of digital devices and data ✅ The relationship between efficiency in technology and its negative impact on the environment ✅ The importance of reducing waste as the primary strategy for mitigating the environmental impact of digital technology ❤️ Subscribe, follow, like, ... stay connected the way you want to never miss an episode!