Tech Makers


Welcome to Tech Makers, a Ubisoft podcast. In this first series hosted by David Usher, we’re celebrating 5 years of innovation at La Forge. In this exclusive sneak peek, you’ll meet the people working on some of the video game industry’s most promising innovations. Get ready to learn more about the project’s origins and discover various prototypes and breakthroughs whose impacts are felt far beyond the world of gaming. A go-script media production.

A bit more about La Forge

La Forge aims to accelerate R&D by linking the academic and industrial worlds. This R&D hub aims to validate knowledge by testing the value of technological innovations, thus bridging the gap between academic research and industry, between theory and practice. The exchange of knowledge between these experts from two distinct but complementary backgrounds allow for new ideas and innovative concepts to emerge. Research topics include rendering, animation, artificial intelligence, audio, physics, and tools for understanding and managing player behaviour. Ultimately, prototypes are implemented in production, and the knowledge gained is shared with the academic world and beyond!

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