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Welcome to The Waffle Shop! The Mental Health and Music Podcast hosted by Taylor James to get people Waffling about their Mental Health, Coping Mechanisms, Life's minor inconveniences and the Music that soundtracks it all!

Each week I'm joined by a very special guest to have a waffle about their journey, why mental health is important to them and have a waffle about the little things that get on their nerves!

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Unfiltered - Episode 14 - Determination with The King of Chemo Iain Ward
Unfiltered - Episode 14 - Determination with The King of Chemo Iain Ward
Welcome to The Waffle Shop Podcast Unfiltered with your hosts Taylor James and Emma Tindall!We’re going to be giving you the unfiltered chat around all the subjects which we think don’t get enough air time; from sex fetishes, alien invasions and polyamory, to social media, conspiracy theories and hallucinogens.Each week Taylor and Emma will be joined by a different guest who is an expert on the chosen theme, intertwined with some fun segments including ‘Sing It or Sack It’ and hearing from you guys about your woes and waffles of the weekThis week is all about Determination and we couldnt be joined by a more determined person, the incredibly inspiring Iain Ward aka The King of Chemo!Iain Ward was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and is now on a mission to spend every minute of the time he has left raising money for cancer researchWe have a waffle about how he signed up for a medical trial in which a MRI scan was needed, during this scan a small, supposedly harmless, tumour was detectedA short while later it was confirmed that he had stage three brain cancer, which normally comes with a life expectancy of five years“I wanted to do something physical to show other people with medical or mental issues that they need not be defined by their condition"Iain really is a force to be reckoned with and if you want to help his cause please donate what you can hereIf you enjoyed this ep please let us know on socials @waffleshoppodcast of @tindall2.0 or leave a review, we love to hear from you! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.