#26 - Redefining allergy care - Kenneth Chahine - Nectar Life Sciences

Impulse - Meeting Healthcare Pioneers

04-02-2024 • 45 mins

Many of us struggle with allergies, usually something we’ve been dealing with our whole life, either continuously or episodically. Be it related to food, pollen, dust, pets, or many others, it’s quite a pain and it can take us away from many things we appreciate in life. And I deliberately include myself in this group. Somehow it was engraved in my brain as a condition one needs to cope with, without much opportunity for improvement. It turns out companies like Nectar Life Sciences are redefining the way we detect and treat allergies from the comfort of our homes. Based on the latest science in this field, and backed by his extensive experience in consumer healthcare, Kenneth Chahine and his team are transforming the experience of allergy care for patients, offering a convenient and personalized approach to it. In this revealing episode, we talk with Kenneth about: The inconvenience of past approaches to allergy detection and treatment How allergy immunotherapy works and can be delivered through a few drops delivered to the tongue How Nectar Life Sciences enables personalized allergy immunotherapy for patients The transformative power of preventing acute allergic shocks Lessons learned from a serial healthcare entrepreneur at the interface of genetics, biochemistry, and intellectual property A conversation with a tireless figure in healthcare entrepreneurship, shedding light on one of the largest chronic conditions globally and how it can be tackled in a modern way! Timeline: 02:28 - Kenneth’s background at the interface of genetics, biochemistry and intellectual property 04:14 - The global burden of allergies as a chronic condition 05:53 - Origins of allergies 07:49 - Immunotherapy or how to train your immune system to be desensitized to allergens 09:43 - Detecting which allergens you are sensitive to 11:17 - How Nectar Life Sciences approaches allergy treatment 22:11 - Kenneth’s mindset toward solving complex healthcare challenges in new ways 26:01 - Opportunities beyond allergy care 32:16 - Kenneth’s advice to fellow healthcare entrepreneurs What we also talked about with Kenneth: Avigen Ancestry Anaphylaxis Neurimmune University of Utah We cited with Kenneth some of the past episodes from the series: 15 - Propelling diagnostics through miniaturization - Nicolas Durand - Abionic As mentioned by Kenneth during the episode, you can access Nectar Life Sciences’ Learning Hub here and learn more about Prof. Edwin H. Kim’s research there. Feel free to follow Nectar Life Sciences activities on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok! If you want to contact Kenneth, you can reach out to him over LinkedIn. If you want to give me feedback on the episode or suggest potential guests, contact me over LinkedIn or via email at mathieu@impulsepodcast.com! If you liked the episode, please share it, subscribe to the podcast, and leave a 5-star review on streaming platforms! 🙏 There’s now a monthly newsletter around the podcast where you will be informed of the latest episodes and updated on the latest medical tech progress, subscribe here! Lastly, don’t forget to follow our activities on LinkedIn and our website!