RADIO S&SR Transmission N°1250 – 23.05.2022 (PARADOX OBSCUR « Morphogenesis » TOP OF THE WEEK)


25-05-2022 • 1 h 59 minutes

SAMPLER & SANS REPROCHES(Radio Transmission)
Playlist N∞ 1250... - Lundi 23 Mai 2022 - Horaire : 20:00 >> 22:00

[ S&SR Selection de la semaine... PARADOX OBSCUR "Morphogenesis" ]

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  1. PARADOX OBSCUR "Krankes Herz" DIG LP: Morphogenesis (Metropolis Records)
  2. DARK MINIMAL PROJECT "Next Life (People Theatre Remix)" DIG LP: Cold Black Room (Autoproduction)
  3. JEAN-MICHEL JARRE "Here For You (feat. GARY NUMAN)" CD: Electronica 2 - The Heart Of Noise (Aero Productions / Sony Music)
  4. ETHAN FAWKES & DREADFOOL "Some Fall (Original Mix)" DIG EP: Some Fall (Nu Body Records)
  5. CONTAINER 90 "Eurovision Song Protest" DIG EP: Eurovision Song Protest (Sham Recordings)
  6. AKUSTIKKOPPLER "Mittenmang" LP: Alles Muss Raus (Block 4)
  7. METAL DISCO feat. INCIRRINA "Tension" DIG EP: In Motion (Werkstatt Recordings)
  8. 0=3 "Black Tears" DIG EP: Black Tears (Ukonx Recordings)
  9. SUICIDE COMMANDO "Bang bang bang (C-Lekktor Remix)" DIG EP: Bang Bang Bang (Out Of Line Music)
  10. LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA "Access Denied" DIG SINGLE: Access Denied (Infacted Recordings)
  11. INSEKT "Another Bacteria" CD: Stress (KK Records)
  12. PARADOX OBSCUR "Evo-Devo" DIG LP: Morphogenesis (Metropolis Records)
  13. NOGA EREZ "Toy" CD: Off The Radar (City Slang)
  14. VOX LOW "Sibylline" VINYL SPLIT 7": Treasure Hunting Vol. 3 (Astro Lab Recordings)
  15. BRYAN'S MAGIC TEARS "Orion's Gate Arrival" CD: Vacuum Sealed (Born Bad Records)
  16. W.H. LUNG "Want" DIG LP: Incidental Music (Melodic)
  17. JUNKSISTA "Oxytocyn" DIG EP: Oxytocyn High (COP International)
  18. STRUMA "Dead Religion (feat.Suzi)" DIG EP: The Industrial Prayer (Autoproduction)
  19. TREPANERINGSRITUALEN "Serpent Seed (Ancient Methods Remix)" DIG EP: Kainskult Remixed (aufnahme+wiedergabe)
  20. ALIEN SKIN "This Happy Life" DIG LP: Put Your Lips On My Lips (ScentAir Records)
  21. DISTORTION SIX "Lost Vision" DIG EP: Rive (Ant-Zen)
  22. LANDSCAPE BODY MACHINE "No Cable (25TH ANNIVERSARY REMASTER)" DIG SINGLE: No Cable 2022 Remix (Autoproduction)

PROMO THANKS TO : PARADOX OBSCUR (Toxic Razor), RED SAND PR (Gary Levermore), DARK MINIMAL PROJECT (Guillaume Van De Rosieren), NU BODY RECORDS (Ethan Fawkes), CONTAINER 90 (Ronny Larsson), AKUSTIKKOPPLER (Malte Steiner), WERKSTATT RECORDINGS (Toxic Razor), UKONX RECORDINGS (Stéphane), OUT OF LINE MUSIC (Iris), INFACTED RECORDINGS (Torben Schmidt), Daniéle Ludwig (L'AERONEF), COP INTERNATIONAL (Christian), STRUMA (Henrik Fink Nilsson), SCENTAIR RECORDS (Vladimir), ANT-ZEN (Stefan Alt), LANDSCAPE BODY MACHINE (Craig Joseph Huxtable) ...