[ENG] #143 - Paul Allard (Impak Analytics) - Measuring Impact to Redirect Capital for a Better Planet


28-02-2023 • 39 mins

Without necessarily focusing on a finance lesson this episode, we have a top-notch course worthy of Thomas Piketty on the financialization of the economy and the related consequences. This discussion introduces us to the concept of positive and negative impact related companies and the ways in which Impak Analytics measures it.

We look at the methodology applied to listed and issuer companies, as well as those that are not listed. This scale-up established in Canada and France counts Société Générale and Altalurra Ventures among its investors. Paul explains the nature of the partnership with the French financial group and how the relationship was formed.

He also reflects on the shift from B2C to B2B and outlines the value proposition around the mission he and his team have set for themselves: to deploy the most rigorous impact analysis of the financial sector to redirect capital towards the economy with the most positive impact on our planet.

We also dive into Impak Analytics' relationships with corporations and different stakeholders in the ecosystem, such as consultants.

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