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The future of crossborder insurance: bright or at stake? Luxembourg, a case study
The future of crossborder insurance: bright or at stake? Luxembourg, a case study
Replay of the Expert Talk broadcast during ACA Insurance Days 2022. One of the goals of the European Union is to establish a single market within its borders. In this context, the freedom to provide services and the freedom of establishment offers consumers a greater variety of products at more accessible prices. Due to the proximity to its neighbouring countries, Luxembourg is a pioneer in the free provision of services – and (re)insurance is one of its flagship initiatives – where most of the services developed and offered are aimed at European consumers. The historical links to international finance and the nature of its activities represents the DNA of Luxembourg; the overwhelming majority of life insurance premium collection, and most non-life and reinsurance activities carried out by Luxembourg-based companies are outside its borders. Given the current trend towards nationalist behaviours and an increasing tendency towards protectionism observed in most countries, it is crucial that Luxembourg takes a stand in favour of a European regulatory framework that takes into account the international and cross-border nature of financial services. Today more than ever, a harmonised approach at EU level is a key element for a successful industry, for a competitive and integrated insurance market. Join us to discover our experts’ view on this important subject! ---- Find the video replay of this episode at the following address :