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Google Indexation Validation With Marco Ianni
Google Indexation Validation With Marco Ianni
Strategy to Validate Updates To URLs with GSCPlease note, this strategy requires:A validated property within Google Search Console (GSC), along with synced XML sitemaps.The XML sitemap must show: Success in Google crawling it.Include XML sitemaps for indexable content only.Step 1. - Compile a list of URLs from your site, where you want to make changes in.Step 2. - Make your changes ie: internal links, on-page SEO, content changes, whatever the change might be. - Make sure to add the date you made the changes into the spreadsheet along with the details of your changes.Step 3. - Wait 6 - 10 days to ensure most of your URLs have been crawled by Google.Step 4. - Log into your validated Google Search Console and the related property.Step 5. - Use the URL inspection tool, and check under page indexing for that page.Step 6. - Copy The date of Google's last crawl of this URL into your spreadsheet in a column next to the dates of your changes to the URL.Step 7. If the date of Google's last crawl has happened after the date in which you made your changes, then your changes should be in Google's index and cache. If the date of Google's last crawl is before the date of your changes, then your changes have not been added to Google's index and cache, and you should consider manually submitting these pages to Google in Google Search Console.Note:Google limits manual submission to 10 URLs in GSC, if you hit this limit, your account is locked from submitting a request for indexation.Power Tip:You can submit 8 URLs a day, without hitting the 3-day limit if you hit 10 URLs. When using this method, you index 14 more URLs and don't experience the temporary lockout.ResourcesIndexation Validation Spreadsheet - make a copy of the spreadsheet and edit your version.Marco Ianni LinkedIn -'s Post on his Screaming Frog and JavaScrip template on LinkedInPlease note: you need to be logged into LinkedIn to view the post.SERP API - Frog on LinkedIn