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Supernova - Bande Originale du livre

1Better Days2Seven Devils3Bones4Family51000 REASONS6Ain't Got No / I Got Life7Feeling Good8Courage to Change9Cassiopea10The Greatest11Breath Of Life12My Life13Heartlines14Secrets And Lies15196516you should see me in a crown17Believer18Soldier19Solitude (Felsmann + Tiley Reinterpretation)20Who I Am21UTOPIA22Alone23Human24In My Blood25Iron26There's A Hero In You27Team28Children of the Sky (a Starfield song)29Saturn30Jupiter31A Little Wicked32DARKSIDE33We Must Be Killers34What Was I Made For? [From The Motion Picture "Barbie"]35SOUL SPEECH36The Golden Age37Lion38I’m So Sorry39All The Stars40Monsters [feat. XEAH]41Wolves42Nefeli (Album Version)43Good News44RUN!45I Drink Wine46Biting Down47Pray For Me48Uneven Odds49Supernova50I Know Your Secrets