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The last time you went to see an exhibition, did you wonder why the artists worked that way or had that style? This podcast lets them speak, they are the ones who tell their stories. You will learn how an artwork, an encounter or different life experiences have made them the artists they are today. You will discover how it all began, who is the artist behind the artwork. 🔵 Produced and edited by Pierre de Montesquiou

ERWIN OLAF - Realising Your Fantasies
ERWIN OLAF - Realising Your Fantasies
Erwin Olaf is a Dutch multidisciplinary artist born in 1959 in Hilversum. He is mainly known for his highly polished and stylized photography. Working exclusively with a Hasselblad camera, he creates entire sets to compose atmospheres and worlds out of his fantasies. He started his career as a journalist and after a trip to Paris where he met the work of Pierre and Gilles or Yves Klein, he fell in love with art. The cinema of Visconti, Antonioni and Pasolini was also a great influence for him as well as the Neue Deutsche Welle and the work of Werner Herzog and Fassbinder. Later on he was introduced to the famous choreographer Hans Van Manen who showed him the work of Robert Mapplethorpe, Joel Peter Witkin or George Platt Lynes. This is when he started to build his own knowledge and took it as a root to his own style. ⏱️⏱️ TIMESTAMPS ⏱️⏱️ 1:11 : Erwin Olaf intro 1:44 : Fantasizing 2:21 : David Bowie's influence 3:07 : Choosing a path 4:03 : First encounter with art 5:40 : Finding photography 7:27 : Working with an Hasselblad 8:55 : Advice to young photographers 9:52 : Erwin Olaf's work evolution 🔎🔎 LINKS 🔎🔎 Erwin Olaf Website : Olaf on instagram : you like this content please give us ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ it helps other people find the show 🙏🏻 🔴 Subscribe/follow it's free! 🔵 Produced and edited by Pierre de Montesquiou Originally produced in 2015 🔵 Learn more about us : 📩 Subscribe to our newsletter : 📬 📱