Harvest Series trailer

Harvest Series

28-06-2022 • 2 mins

In this podcast, we bring to you unique conversations from Harvest Series, a 4-day event in Kaplankaya, on the South Western Aegean coast of Turkey that brings together curious minds, forward-thinking speakers, talented practitioners and sources of wisdom from across our planet. Harvest event founded by Roman Carel and Burak Oymen. The journalist Rose Claverie interviewed passionate people with a lifetime of experience, like Wade Davis, the famous anthropologist who travelled the world, Dr Gabor Mate, a specialist in emotional traumas, Dr Mark Hyman, who talks about the functional medicine, or Lily Cole, model turned environmental activist. In Harvest Series, they will share stories and practical advice to broaden your horizons.

Episodes will be released twice a month on Wednesdays and will last 30-40 minutes. You can find download them for free in any podcast app including Apple podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast or Amazon.

Sound editing by Alice Krief @lesbellesfrequences

Jingle by Tim Carel

Technicians in Kaplankaya : Kerem Ozdemir and Burak Gökçe

Art work by Pedro Vidigal

The founders of Harvest Series are Burak Öymen and Roman Carel