SHIFTING GEARS - Business and Bicycles: How Vapaus tackles the climate crisis one bicycle at a time

The Pricing For The Planet Podcast

07-03-2024 • 25 mins

Want to learn how a company seamlessly merges profit with planet-saving purpose? Join this inspiring podcast episode featuring Mikko Ampuja of Vapaus, a Finnish company revolutionizing business-to-business transportation with their 'benefit bikes' model. Discover Mikko's entrepreneurial journey, how Vapaus tackles the climate crisis one bicycle at a time, and their innovative tactics for sustainable business financing. If you're interested in entrepreneurship, sustainability, or the power of simple yet impactful business models, this episode is a must-listen!

****The PricingForThePlanet podcast delves into the fusion of business and sustainability, highlighting profitable and sustainable business models. For us, the only path to amplifying sustainability is by framing it as a driving force and facilitator for business. Tune in for insights on how businesses can thrive while being eco-friendly.

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